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Falcon Water-Jet Cutting Ltd

Falcon Water-Jet Cutting Ltd has been serving the Kelowna area for over 15 years and wants to acquire your business. Our devoted customers love our personalized treatment and we guarantee to treat everyone like family.

We’re an industry leader in innovation, quality and performance and are pleased to introduce to you our new Flow Waterjet. Acclaimed for its power, speed, and versatility, ultrahigh-pressure (UHP) waterjet technology is the fastest growing major machine tool process in the world.


No job is too big or small.


If you can dream it, we can build it.

Unmatched Speed and Versatility

Waterjets can quickly and accurately cut virtually every material from food and paper products to composites, steel, and exotic metals.

Greater Cutting Capabilities

Waterjets enable you to cut a variety of applications with ease. pure waterjet can rapidly cut soft materials such as rubber, cork, and foam.

Reduction in Material and Production Costs

Waterjets cut an accurate, clean edge that allows for tight nesting so you'll produce less scrap material, and increase your yields and profitability.

Complementary Technology

Many of our customers add waterjet cut parts to their production process as a complement to other cutting technologies such as EDM, laser, machine, and plasma

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