Can I drop ship or deliver to you?

Yes. Drop shipping material from your supplier is a great way to get material to us affordably.

Can I drop off my material to you?

Yes. Please let us know the time you will be delivering.

What pressure is your waterjet machine?

We cut with up to 94,000 PSI of water pressure.

Do you offer other services like drilling, tapping, milling, fabricating or powder coating?

Yes. Falcon Water-Jet Cutting Ltd offers other services and can supply complete parts that require additional machining, forming, plating, powder coating and more. 

Can Falcon Water-Jet Cutting Ltd supply material?

Yes, we supply material for many of our customers. If you have material or want to supply your own you can do that too.

What is your turn-around time and how quickly can you cut my part for me?

We typically can cut your parts within a few days. We understand sometimes things are required like”yesterday”. Let us know when you need it. We can usually rearrange the schedule to help when you are in a predicament or a “pickle”.

What material can be cut with a waterjet?

As you have probably heard said, “Waterjets can cut anything. That is almost true. Typical materials we cut with the waterjet are aluminum, steel, brass, copper, plastic and glass. However, we have cut a bit of everything, ranging from foam and wood.