Why Waterjet?

Waterjet cutters are helpful to many fields that need cutting.

Waterjet cutting is not limited to industrial cutting of metal parts. Waterjets are great at cutting metal but they cut so much more. Often, the capabilities of a waterjet cutting service are overlooked until they are brought to your attention. Look at the following suggestions for good applications for waterjet cutting.

  • Prototypes

    The affordability of waterjet cutting allows for ideas or “inventions”.

  • High Volume Production Parts

    Large quantities of parts can be cut at Falcon Water-Jet Cutting Ltd. The programming flexibility of the Waterjet machine allows for each of the production parts to be made differently without raising the price.

  • Very Large Parts

    We are capable of cutting material that measures up to 6’ wide by 13’ long. This is perfect for projects where the available materials supplied to us are full size sheets.

  • Heat Sensitive Material

    Plasma and laser leave a “burnt” edge. This edge is unattractive. Many parts require a clean surface. The “burnt” edge of metals is hardened and the properties of the material change. This hardened edge is hard to machine and the material often “warps”.

  • Art Work and Design

    The true beauty of the artist work can be easily transferred to floor tile, stained glass, metal, rock or any other material. Consider adding pretty design elements to anything you need cut with a waterjet.

  • Signs/Numbers

    Waterjets are commonly used for cutting signs and house numbers. Waterjets can turn any material you can imagine into a sign. Whether you are a builder of complex signs or you only need a simple sign.